Technical Development

Every pixel, number, and letter matters to us. Our goal is technical perfection. We don’t always achieve it, but our quality tracking tells us that 99% of the time, we do.

Digizent’s exceptionally experienced and highly educated TechDev team is capable of astounding volume on a variety of platforms across all current email clients, browsers, and devices. Download a list of platforms and end-user clients that we support, and you’ll get a good idea of our breadth and depth.

And because Digizent’s Puebla-based TechDev team works in the Central Time zone, they are working when you need them. Not in the middle of the night in a culture you don’t relate to. And if you need emergency help, we offer it, 24×7.

“An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.” — Bill Bernbach

Technical Development Websites