Digizent creates innovative solutions for your challenges.

Whether your need is for a reimagined website, email that lifts engagement and response, forms that reduce abandonment rate and raise average transaction, social media that engages, or video that moves people to action, Digizent does it. Well.

We offer you solutions that include all or part of:

  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Technical Development
  • Project or Campaign Management


Websites age as technology advances. And if your website came up a bit short two or three years ago, well, it’s probably in need of life-saving measures.

The Digizent team has been creating effective websites since 1995, longer than just about anyone in our market segment.

We keep learning, improving, and advancing our clients’ missions. And we create — or update — on time and on budget. No small feat.

Digizent offers comprehensive:

  • Website strategy and user experience (UX) development
  • Website creative: design, copy, video
  • Website technical development & deployment
  • Website optimization & management


Is anything more exciting than email? Yep. Millions of things. Unless you bring email to life and make it worth engaging and reading. And that’s not easy. It takes strategic, creative, and technical expertise that most providers simply cannot provide.

Digizent knows how to craft effective, engaging, responsive email. Our team has been doing it for longer than almost anyone in the business.

Digizent pioneered responsive email design/ deployment for nonprofits. We build more than 10,000 responsive emails a year. And we do it with as close to perfection as humanly possible — not just for Outlook and gmail, but for every single popular email client in the realm.

Digizent email: innovative, communicative, effective, responsive.
Let us do all that for your email.


Is there anything more critical in digital media than effective forms? Think about it. All you do on your website, via email, in social media, with video … comes down to your forms: donation form, shopping cart, engagement widget. Bad form = bad results.

Because we are data-driven usability experts, Digizent is your advanced resource for forms of all kinds for all campaigns:

  • Donation Forms
  • Shopping Carts
  • Engagement Widgets
  • Contact Lightboxes
  • On-page or in-lightbox sign-ups

We make sure your target audience fills in the blanks!

Digizent forms: innovative, communicative, effective, responsive.
Let us do all that for your forms.

Social Media & Advertising

Social media impact is growing exponentially. You need to be there. You want to be there. And you need solid strategy and powerful execution. Digizent meets your needs.

From Facebook to Google to all types of paid media, Digizent offers the strategic, creative, and placement solutions you want and need.

We also support you with comprehensive Open Graph tagging and campaigns that spur real growth and reach. Get Digizent and you get social.


Moving pictures move people. Test after test shows that video lifts response. From social media to websites to email, video is the winner.

So why don’t more marketers use video?

We hear these kinds of reasons: time, cost, lack of a reliable resource. Digizent solves all those, and more.

Digizent video production is:

  • Shockingly affordable
  • Award-winning
  • Results-driving
  • Flexible enough to make it easy

And not only do we do video, we do jaw-dropping personalized video. Ask us about our surprisingly affordable NameVidz personalized video campaigns. You win.