Our Work - Email


Is anything more exciting than email? Yep. Millions of things. Unless you bring email to life and make it worth engaging and reading. And that’s not easy. It takes strategic, creative, and technical expertise that most providers simply cannot, well, provide.

Digizent knows how to craft effective, engaging, responsive email. Our team has been doing it for longer than almost anyone in the business.

Digizent pioneered responsive email design/ deployment for nonprofits. We build more than 10,000 responsive emails a year. And we do it with as close to perfection as humanly possible — not just for Outlook and Gmail, but for every single popular email client in the realm. And our expertise extends to more than 20 development platforms; we can handle yours!

Digizent offers:

  • Email strategy, copy, and design
  • Email technical development
  • Email testing and quality control
  • Email selects, sends, and analytics
Email Design