NameVidz Preview


Moving pictures move people. Test after test shows that video lifts response. From social media to websites to email, video is the winner.

So why don’t more marketers use video?

We hear these kinds of reasons: time, cost, lack of a reliable resource. Digizent solves all those, and more.

Digizent video production is:

  • Shockingly affordable
  • Award-winning
  • Results-driving
  • Flexible enough to make it easy

And not only do we do video, we do jaw-dropping personalized video: NameVidz™. Developed by Digizent’s groundbreaking developers, NameVidz is a powerful way to connect with your clients by creating personalized campaigns that incorporate email, landing page and video with the name of your client! NameVidz gives you the opportunity for a DOUBLE lift: personalization plus video!

Personalized videos