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How We Work

Digizent works hard … and smart. Our sophisticated job management system, which allows real-time integration with clients, is led by a team of client service and traffic managers whose job is your job.

Training, accountability, quality, and service make Digizent’s work a superior value. Quality without compromise or excessive expense. Digizent’s North American teams bring you a unique combination of skills and services that set us apart.

“To me, it seems a dreadful indignity to have a soul controlled by geography.”
— George Santayana


Danna Arnold Vice-President, Strategic Services Danna is an award winning digital strategist with vast experience in the online and experiential industries. She has worked for major direct response agencies like Rapp, and served brands such as the NBA, AMC Theatres, Nike, Ford, AT&T, and USA Swimming to help develop their digital communication programs.
Armando Carrasco President Armando has led creative teams at agencies like J. Walter Thompson and Scali, McCabe, Sloves for client such as Nissan, Hertz, United Airlines and Volkswagen. Armando is focused on developing extraordinary teams centered around technical innovation. He is an expert on branding and corporate culture.
Alejandra Centeno Senior Project Manager As Senior Project Manager, Alejandra is committed to the delivery of high-quality products across all company areas. Her 6+ years as a graphic designer taught her to always place the user needs first and foremost, prioritizing functionality over appearance. She applies that experience to all she does.
Jorge Cordero Technical Lead Jorge is an innovative IT professional with experience leveraging software engineering and DevOps methodologies to deliver highly effective and creative solutions to business and technology challenges. As a technical leader, he uses innovative best practices to improve the work we deliver to our clients.
Jim Killion Chief Executive Officer Jim is the founder of seven successful direct response companies and has served hundreds of clients effectively. He launched his first digital group in 1995 and has been breaking interactive barriers ever since. Jim is a Diamond Echo Award winner, the highest award given by the Direct Marketing Association.
Enrique Leon Creative Lead Enrique came to Digizent in 2013 with a background in communication and marketing. Now with 6 years as a graphic designer, he specializes in web design, user experience, and email effectiveness. He leads the creative team in the Puebla office, encouraging every creative team member to strive for excellence.
Leonardo Molina Technical Lead Leonardo began software coding when he was 16, starting with programming languages C and ActionScript. Later he specialized in PHP and began focusing on web application development. As a Tech Lead, he researches new technologies and works on process improvement to enhance team productivity.
Juan Carlos Rojas Technical Lead Juan Carlos is an experienced web developer, specializing in WordPress and advanced email development. His strengths are HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SASS and PHP. One of the first developers to join the Digizent team, Juan Carlos was voted employee of the year in 2014. He brings leadership and innovation to Digizent.
Aaron Sandoval Chief UX Officer Aaron is an award-winning authority, speaker and industry leader on interactive strategy, architecture, user experience, and creative. He has crafted interactive media for dozens of partners such as SONY Music, Coca-Cola, PayPal, Susan G. Komen, Network for Good, and has worked for scores of international enterprises.
Rebecca Vanderwerf Vice-President, Production Rebecca is a graduate of the LA Film Center with expertise that spans the digital landscape. She is an accomplished editor, cinematographer, and an award-winning video producer/director. A founding partner of Digizent, she previously served as post-production director at ECO International.

The Digizent International Team

The Digizent team is truly international, with the majority of the team working out of our Cholula, Puebla, Mexico office. #DigizentProud is more than a hashtag, it is a summary statement about the positive, service-oriented, creative attitude of the company. Team members are graduates of a variety of prestigious universities in Mexico, Spain, and the United States. Degrees range from computer science to information design, project management to design, international business to communication. The team is #DigizentProud to serve you!

Quality - Service - Innovation - Creativity - Responsiveness - Friendliness - Pride
There is depth and substance to #DigizentProud. Meet the team:

Our Values

Digizent is values-driven. Our hallmarks are integrity, equity, service, and dependability. We are committed to delivering strategic, creative, and technically sophisticated work for unexpectedly modest cost.

In an era where talk is cheap, promises more plentiful than performance, Digizent delivers on its commitments. Money is not our god; ego is not our driver; trust is our foundation.


The Digizent team takes ownership of its work. Completed Action (ask us for a PDF if you would like to learn more!) is more than a policy, it’s a way of work for us. We own quality for our clients.


Some say service is a lost art … or, perhaps, a lost cause. Not at Digizent. Service is at the heart of our commitment to you. Clients exist for us to serve … every single day.


Wish you could count on someone to respond? Every time … any time? Then Digizent is your answer. We are dependable and available to you whenever you need us.

We believe in: the dignity and value of every human life, hard work,
and just compensation and pricing.
We treat clients as we would like to be treated.

Digizent History

Digizent is an international group of award-winning, results-driven professionals who deliver quality in all things digital. Experienced leadership combines with youthful talent and innovation to drive extraordinary performance.

The principals of Digizent have been leaders in direct response marketing and fundraising for more than 20 years, and have served some of the world’s largest nonprofit and commercial enterprises.

Digizent Founded by Jim Killion, joined by Rebecca Vanderwerf; one TechDev on team
Digizent’s team of 3 TechDevs and 1 graphic designer is lead by Jim, Becky, Armando Carrasco
Aaron Sandoval joins Digizent as a principal and Chief UX Officer; team grows to 7 TechDevs
Danna Arnold joins Digizent as Vice-President, Strategic Services as the team continues to expand
Digizent is now 20 strong in our Cholula, Puebla, Mexico office. The U.S. team grows to 4
Digizent adds breadth and depth to its Mexico and U.S.-based teams and modifies structure to pods


Digizent’s team members have won numerous international awards for their creative and strategic effectiveness.

From the prestigious Diamond Echo Award to more than a dozen other International Echo Awards to the best in show Davey Award for a multichannel viral video donor acquisition program, Digizent’s team is recognized for excellence.