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The Digizent team is truly international, with design, project management, and technical teams working out of our Puebla, Mexico office. Strategic and creative direction, along with copywriting, are provided by our Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex-based team.

Team members are graduates of a variety of prestigious universities in Mexico, Spain, and the United States. Degrees range from computer science to information design, project management to graphic design, international business to communication. Our team is #DigizentProud to serve you!

Dz Jim Killion
Jim Killion
Chief Executive Officer

Founder and leader of Digizent International, Jim is an award-winning industry leader who has been pioneering digital concepts since 1995. He is the founder of 10 direct response companies. He launched his...

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Dz Armando Carrasco
Armando Carrasco
President, Mexico

Armando has led creative teams at agencies like J. Walter Thompson and Scali, McCabe, Sloves for client such as Nissan, Hertz, United Airlines and Volkswagen. Armando is focused on developing...

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Dz Rebecca Vanderwerf
Rebecca Vanderwerf
President, USA

Rebecca, a founding principal of Digizent, provides senior leadership to the technical, creative, and project management teams in our Puebla, Mexico office. She is an expert in managing the development...

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2311 Dz Danna Arnold Web A
Danna Arnold
Senior Vice President, Client Services

Danna, who joined the Digizent leadership team in 2014, provides strategic leadership to clients from our home base in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. She is a direct marketing and fundraising...

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Dz Aaron Sandoval
Aaron Sandoval
Chief Creative Officer

Aaron is an award-winning authority, speaker, and industry leader on interactive strategy, architecture, user experience, and creativity. He has crafted interactive media for dozens of partners such as SONY Music,...

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Dz Rogelio Bazh
Rogelio Bazán
Director of Technical Development
2312 Dz Brian Burton Web
Brian Burton
Associate Creative Director
Dz Alejandra Centeno
Alejandra Centeno
Director Of Digital Services
2402 Dz Kurt Filla Teams Asana
Kurt Filla
Managing Director, Media
Dz Jc Rojas
Juan Carlos Rojas
Director Of Technology
2302 Dz Fernanda Cancino Web
Fernanda Cancino
Design Services
2401 Dz Yesika Cano Web
Yésika Cano
QA Specialist
Dz Silvia Castillo
Silvia Castillo
Senior Project Manager
Dz Estefania Cesin
Estefania Cesin
Design Services
Dz Victoria Cruz
Victoria Cruz
Client Engagement Manager
2308 Dz Paola Espinosa Web
Paola Espinosa
Client Engagement Specialist II
Dz Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores
Project Manager
Dz Humberto Flores
Humberto Flores
Senior Design Services
Dz Betsy Gonzalez
Betsy González
Senior Client Lead
Dz Liliana Hegman
Liliana Hegmann
Design Services Team Lead
Dz Trista Hoffman
Trista Hoffman
Design Services
Dz Jill Karrh
Jill Karrh
Finance Manager
2310 Dz Ilse Leon Web
Ilse León
Human Resources Manager
Dz Maria Lyons
Maria Lyons
Digital Account Manager
Dz Fatima Macip
Fátima Macip
Media Expert
Dz Pamela Mendoza
Pamela Mendoza
Senior Design Services
Dz Stephania Meneses
Stephania Meneses
Project Manager
2402 Dz Natalia Novoa Web
Natalia Novoa
Human Resources Intern
2309 Dz Daniela Paniagua Web V2
Daniela Paniagua
Design Services
2308 Dz Tim Pewett Web
Tim Pewett
Digital Account Manager
Dz Monserrat Rojas
Monserrat Rojas
Senior Project Manager
Dz Alison Rojas
Alison Rojas
Client Engagement Specialist II
Dz Marimar Rosillo
Marimar Rosillo
Design Services
2300 Dz Name Name Web
Cami Suárez
Design Services
Dz Yissel Tenorio
Yissel Tenorio
Office Administrator
Dz Winnevere Valero
Winnevere Valero
Senior Client Lead
2306 Dz Rebecca Benston Web
Rebecca Benston
Dz Lyndsi Bigbee
Lyndsi Bigbee
Dz Laura Blaney
Laura Blaney
Copy Pod Lead
Dz Susana Carranza
Susana Carranza
Graphic Designer
Dz Daniela Castillo
Daniela Castillo
Design Team Lead
2310 Dz Kara Clark Web
Kara Clark
Dz Laura Contreras
Laura Contreras
Design Team Director
Dz Jaqueline Diaz
Jacqueline Díaz
Graphic Designer
Dz Hector Gomez
Héctor Gómez
Animation Specialist
Dz Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel González
Design Pod Lead
Dz Monserrat Gonzalez
Monserrat González
Pod Lead
Dz Adriana Gorra
Adriana Gorra
Senior Video Specialist
Dz Miguel Juarez
Miguel Ángel Juárez
Graphic Designer
Dz Ariadna Macias
Ariadna Macías
Design Pod Lead
2310 Dz Ricardo Marquez Web
Ricardo Márquez
Video Producer
2309 Dz Diego Web
Diego Martínez
Graphic Designer
2311 Dz Sandra Morales Web
Sandra Morales
Graphic Designer
Dz Liliana Munoz
Liliana Muñoz
Graphic Designer
2308 Dz Bruno Perez Web
Bruno Perez
Graphic Designer
Dz Yaneth Perez
Yaneth Pérez
Pod Lead
Dz Jose Rodriguez
José Luis Rodríguez
Editorial Design Lead
Dz Pablo Saenz
Pablo Saenz
Design Team Lead
Dz Carlos Salvatori
Carlos Salvatori
Design Team Lead
Dz Mike Sanchez
Miguel Sánchez
Design Team Lead
Dz Karina Serdio
Karina Serdio
Senior Graphic Designer
Dz Elda Sosa
Elda Sosa
Graphic Designer
Dz Uriel Camacho
Uriel Camacho
Tech Lead
Dz Denis Cordero
Denis Cordero
Senior Developer
Dz Jesus Flores
Jesús Flores
Dz Karen Garcia
Karen García
Senior Developer
Dz Jp Hernandez
Juan Pablo Hernández
IT Coordinator
2402 Dz Javier Luna Web
Javier Luna
Jr Developer
2308 Dz Jade Madrigal Web V2
Jade Madrigal
Dz Rafael Palafox
Rafael Palafox
Dz Guillermo Peral
Guillermo Peral
Dz Giovanni Trejo
Giovanni Trejo
Dz Marco Vega
Marco Antonio Vega
Dz Luis Velazquez
José Luis Velázquez
Dz Adriana Zepeda
Adriana Zepeda
Tech Manager