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Bible League’s mission is to serve the under-resourced Church with Bibles and training to transform lives worldwide through God’s Word. They work with churches, children and youth, and have a prison ministry. Digizent has worked with Bible League for several years to increase their reach and impact, including a 2020 Website Redesign, eAppeals, homepage updates, and more. Through our problem-solving designs and inspirational storytelling, their visual fundraising can now touch the heart and has a clear mission donors respond to.

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2020 Website Redesign

Bible League’s website had issues with overall branding, so in 2020, Digizent redesigned their website for greater reach and impact. Their site lacked a visual hierarchy, had an inconsistent call to action, and it was visually overstimulating. Utilizing creative problem-solving, Digizent visually emphasized news and stories, and created a section for ongoing statistics. We worked on color changes, and overall improved user experience and better brand alignment. We structured the new sitemap with multiple templates that had richer-content while also included fundraising options throughout the flow. The results were a state-of-the-art, effective design.



Through eAppeals and eNewsletters, integral designs, copy, and powerful images collaborate to tell a cohesive story—and touch the heart. To wrap it up, Digizent’s simple and effective call to action lets the donor know the best next steps to take every time.

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Bli Donation Forms

Donation Forms

For many nonprofits, ongoing monthly gits are crucial. This requires a monthly giving program, special “ambassador” programs, or other ways to weave donors into consistent giving. For Bible League’s “Monthly Partner” program, they needed a donation form that inspired donors to give monthly and join the program. Digizent’s donation form design for this program gives the donor effective options to support several initiatives. Additionally, the donor experiences real-time numbers being updated for “How Your Gifts Are Being Used.” Using this changing information in a donation form is truly inspirational!

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Homepage Banners

For this client, imagery is crucial for their successful homepage banners. Each image tells an important story, which requires a collaboration between selective copy and clear, narrative images. Digizent brings these two elements together with each homepage banner as a successful fundraising strategy.

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Landing Pages

When a donor arrives at Bible League’s landing pages, they’re guided through a unique story and frequent testimonials to a specific call to action. This is effective in overall brand alignment, better results, and greater impact for Doing Good.

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