Lubbock Impact

Lubbock Impact wears many hats. What started out as a soup kitchen has now grown into a multi-program, thriving ministry. Lubbock helps vulnerable neighbors by providing meals, clothing, medical care, optometry, spiritual growth ministries, and more. In addition to helping the homeless and underprivileged, Lubbock Impact is dedicated to breaking the bonds of generational poverty. For many of the hats they wear, Digizent assists with their fundraising efforts through various channels, including eNewsletters, eAppeals, homepage banners, social posts, and donation forms. Within a few months’ time of Digizent’s collaboration with Lubbock Impact, overall digital donations increased by 29%.

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Homepage Banners

The homepage banners on your nonprofit website are like a first impression—and first impressions are everything. Without the right banners, donors will be at a much greater risk of confusion and prone to clicking away. Our homepage banners for Lubbock Impact are designed for simplicity, storytelling, and invitational.

Lubbock Donation Forms

Donation Forms

Through powerful imagery, minimal buttons, and a compelling call to action, our donation form pages created for Lubbock Impact inspire donors to complete their donation, and let them know exactly how their gifts will be put to use.

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eAppeals and eNewsletters are key to nonprofit fundraising. Digizent assists Lubbock by creating consistent email designs, powerful branding, and utilizes heartwarming testimonies and inspirational stories to produce campaigns for wonderful missions and greater impact. Donors can receive updates, calls to action, and helpful information that keeps their relationship with Lubbock strong and ongoing—a crucial aspect for nonprofit success.

Lubbock Emails

Social Media

Get more donors to your Donation Forms through online social channels! Our social posts, homepage banners, and lightboxes for Lubbock Impact are clear, easy to navigate, and contain a simple call to action so donors are motivated by the right information and can take the next step.

Lubbock Social Media

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Doing Good starts with great communication. Donors respond best to doing good around the world when they can truly understand your mission, you goals, and your call to action.
Our multi-channel strategic campaigns and designs are here to ensure every channel of your communication is effective and furthers your mission to impact the world for the better!